PhotoInvoice exists to help photographers run more efficient businesses.

Our focus is building the quickest and easiest way for photographers to invoice their clients and get paid- including tools that make things more efficient, more streamlined, and less manual.

The business originally came from my own frustrations from running a real estate photography business. I’m Mark- you’ve probably met me or emailed with me if you’ve been a part of the PhotoInvoice crew for very long:

I’m a (now former) real estate photographer, and even though I’m an organized and detail-oriented person, I had a lot of issues when it came to invoicing my clients. Part of it was I didn’t want to be that guy hounding them for money. The other part was just being busy… there’s always more you can do for marketing, learning, etc.

I’m not sure where I first saw the idea, but someone mentioned collecting payment upfront. And to me, this was a light-bulb moment. Of course! Let the agent see a few samples up front, but collect payment before you let them download and use all your work.

So I got to work.

When PhotoInvoice was at the point where I could use it for my own business, the result was pretty eye-opening. For instance, we had one client who typically paid about a month late. She was one of our oldest clients, and I really liked her as a person, so I always bit the bullet and just waited a few weeks for payment.

When we sent her the invoice with PhotoInvoice, she paid within hours. Not weeks, not days. Hours. I was instantly hooked, and began to get the system ready to show to other people.

So that’s where we are now. Our goal is to make invoicing, payments, and photo delivery a completely optimized and pain free experience.

Whether you’re currently a part of the PhotoInvoice crew or not, I’m always interested to hear from you about your business. Send me an email at mark@photoinvoice.com and lets start a conversation 😄.