How It Works

Photo Invoice is the quickest and easiest way for photographers to get paid.

At the core of Photo Invoice is our automated delivery-upon-payment workflow. When you create an invoice your clients can view watermarked sample photos, but are only able to access the final assets once payment has been received.

This means you get paid lightning fast, every time.

1: Create an Invoice

When you’re ready to invoice a client, it takes just a few seconds to select the customer and enter line items and prices.

2: Add Samples and Deliverables

Sample photos will be automatically watermarked and shown on the unpaid invoice. Deliverables are items the client can access only after payment. You can share links (i.e. shared Dropbox/Drive folders or virtual tours) or deliver photos directly on the Professional edition.

3: Send the Invoice

You’re now ready to send the invoice to your client. We make this a breeze with custom email message templates and dynamic placeholder options.

4: Get Paid

When your client visits the invoice link, they can view any sample images you provide, and are prompted to submit payment in order to access the deliverables. Once payment has been made, they can instantly access the links and photos you’ve included.

Pricing for every budget

Subscription & pay-as-you-go options, starting at just 1% or $12/mo