Custom Watermarks

What's better than automatically watermarked sample photos?

Sample photos automatically watermarked with YOUR logo!

Photo Invoice real estate photography custom watermark

Now included in the Professional edition of PhotoInvoice, custom watermarks give you the chance to customize the payment experience even further, and gives another opportunity to promote your logo and brand.

A little background...

As part of our quest to help real estate photographers get paid on time (every time), invoices display watermarked sample photos. This gives your client a taste of the shoot and motivates them to submit payment in order to access the finals.

By default, photos are watermarked with the word SAMPLE. This works great, but many business owners want to take it a step further and use their logo (or any other custom word or graphic) for the watermark.

With the Professional edition of PhotoInvoice, you can now upload any custom watermark file you desire, further customizing the PhotoInvoice payment experience you offer to your clients.

Photo Invoice real estate photography invoice with custom watermark

To get started, head over to your PhotoInvoice settings, or take a look at the custom watermark tutorial.

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